Companion for Fortnite

Battle Royale & Save the World

This Unofficial App is a compendium of knowledge, tips and useful tools for Fortnite Battle Royale and Save the World players! The ultimate companion, guide, stats tracker and assistant for Fortnite!

Features PvP (Battle Royale):
-Profile Search: View Battle Royale Player Stats grouped by squad type and platform. Favorite Players for even quicker lookups.
– Store Sales: Shows all the items currently for sale in the Battle Royale Store, with images and vbucks prices.
– Cosmetics viewer: View all cosmetics including emotes with links to youtube videos
– Leaderboards: View leaderboards for all squad types, platforms and several metrics.
– Map for the Battle Royal mode, Map is Zoomable and Pannable. An optional high density grid is also available to make it easier to coordinate positions.
– Battle Pass Tracker: View and track all Battle Pass challenges along with visual guides for every week of challenges.
– Weapon Stats with comparison tool for all Battle Royale Weapons.
– Items: Images and in-depth descriptions of all Battle Royale items.
– Tips and Info: Important information and useful tips for Battle Royale players.

Features PvE (Save the World):
– Tools
— Mission Alerts with Rewards and Daily Llamas that can be refreshed any time
— Push Notifications for Mission Alerts and Daily Llamas
— Research Alarm Notification, get a reminder to gather your Research Points!
— Player Profile and Cooldowns: Get up to date information and stats for your Player Profile including Mission Alert and Storm cooldowns. (Requires an active internet connection)
— Collection Book: Keep track of the Heroes, Traps, People and Weapons that you own or have booked making it easier for you to choose Rewards. Includes a supporter features that can summarize your Book state and show only the missing items.
— Weapon comparison tool, comparing the different stats of weapons.
— People Book, keep track of Mythic Leads, Leads, Survivors and Defenders.
— XP Upgrade and Retire/Reclaim Calculator, see how much XP is needed to reach a target level or how much you will gain by Reclaiming/Retiring the current level one
— Ability and Perks List is linked to applicable Heroes so you can quickly find Heroes matching your desired traits

– Data
— Information on all the Hero Classes and Subclasses, along with all Abilities and Perks
— Information on all traps(with rarity) including stats and material requirements.
— Resource list with usages for each resource item
— Data about important features such as Headshot Multiplier Damage and Collection Book Rewards
— Tips and not-so-obvious things from the game to make your life a bit easier while playing
— Information about Survivors and the Survivor Squad system
— A Monster information bank which also includes images of all monsters.

This is an Unofficial Community Driven Fortnite App and has NO affiliation with Epic Games™

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