House Flipper

Create your own house!

Build your house! Bright house! Take care of him! Sell ​​it!
Welcome to the game where you can prove yourself a true master of your craft.
The motto of the game is “Build your own house! Have a shoddy house! Care for him! Sell it!”
It’s simple.
To begin with, you must buy a plot for building a house, or if you have enough money, you can buy a finished house.

We have approached in detail the question of building a house.
You will be available hundreds of objects for construction, which will give you the opportunity to build the house of your dreams.
Walls, floor, ceiling, doors, windows and much more you will easily find for yourself what you need!

After you finish building a house, you will need to install furniture and interior.
You are available a large selection of different furniture, sofas, tables, chairs, kitchen furniture, paintings, flowers and much more.
Create your own unique design.

Look after!
After the completion of construction and interior, you will need to get in the house and keep clean until your house is bought by someone else, otherwise the price of your house will drop.
The floor, the walls, the windows, all this maraetsya and you need as quickly as possible to take in the hands of a vacuum cleaner and do house cleaning.
After you clean the house of dirt and dust, you will need to throw out the trash, otherwise it will lead to a more severe problem.

In-App Purchases