Island Experiment

Addictive Island adventures!

Welcome to The Island that does not exist – The Island of mysteries, puzzles, quests, challenges and adventures. The Island of unique atmosphere, landscapes and fauna. The Island where the most impossible may come reality. Make it your own paradise place to escape always near at hand, but tame it first.

And remember! The Island has The Secret.

Island Experiment features:

● Help two lost kids survive on The Island
● Turn an abandoned beach into a flourishing farm
● Grow food, craft equipment, build a seaside city
● Explore the Island and its Heartland
● Hunt for hidden treasures
● Travel to ancient Archipelagos
● Reveal a mystery of a Pyramid
● Complete thrilling quests & challenging missions
● Gain unique rewards
● Collect lovable local pets
● Play with your friends and make new ones
And… enjoy!

Unforgettable adventures await, Brave Explorer! And we are always here for you via,
Your Island Experiment Team.

In-App Purchases


  • FREE Pile of Gems
  • FREE Box of Gems
  • FREE Jar of Gems
  • FREE Survival Pack
  • FREE Large Sack of Gems
  • FREE Pile of Coins
  • FREE Box of Coins
  • FREE 100 Gems, 2000 Gold, 150 Food
  • FREE Jar of Coins
  • FREE Super Offer on Gems 1