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“I was xxx by my idol”, # Romance manga
I find I was lying on the bed of my idol when I wake up. What’s happen?

“Yaoi God in the Skies”, # Yaoi manga
This fantasy world exists Yaoi God, he blessed all the people who loved Yaoi…

“Demon’s sweetheart”, # Romance manga
The devil firmly believe that I was his lover, and I had to fight the devil for love.

“Spirit Ranger”, # Action manga
The fight each other with powerful alien monsters between the great master. Who is the king among them?

“The law of yama”, # Fantasy manga
People go to hell and play the game of survival with yama after death.

WebComics is a gathering place for the people who loves manga&comic. More than popular Romance comics, there are lots genre of the comics here, like Yaoi comics; Action comics; Fantasy comics; Drama comics; Horror comics; comedy comics; Yuri comics; Spirit comics, etc.

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