Indeed Employer

Mobile recruitment with Indeed

Indeed Employer makes it easy for you to manage your recruitment from your mobile devices. The app is a powerful applicant tracking system (ATS) that fits in your pocket! With Indeed Employer, you can:

Post Jobs
Your job will appear in candidate searches by posting directly to Indeed using the Indeed Employer app. Add job details into simple fields, preview and post. It’s that easy.
– Post jobs in minutes
– Have your job included in relevant searches by millions of job seekers
– Preview listings before posting to ensure accuracy
– Add screener questions to filter out unqualified candidates

Manage Candidates
No more managing applications through your email inbox! Indeed Employer provides all the benefits of the desktop dashboard experience.
– View resumes
– Schedule interviews
– Send messages and manage all candidate communications in one place
– Set candidate statuses (reviewed, interviewed, rejected, hired)
– Make applicant notes to record your impressions of candidates
– Set and send simple form rejection letters if you decide against a candidate

Track Results
Want to know how your listing is performing? Get data on views and applies that can help you improve your listing and use your budget wisely.
– View active budget
– See candidate count
– See the number of views your job received

In-App Purchases