Word of the day: Learn English

Daily vocabulary builder

Become the smartest among your friends now… Learn one new word every day. As simple as that…

There’re thousands of words we don’t know the meaning. Professional English language tutors and lecturers gathered to hand-pick the most interesting words for you to develop your vocabulary.

– Become smarter by knowing the words that only nerds use.
– Act as intellectual being able to use them correctly in right situation.
– Become sexier by impressing other people with your speech.
– Show how eloquent you are by challenging your friends to guess the meaning or simply share the words with the world.
– New word attack every day – stable growth for your vocabulary.
– Switch between a good number of voices with a choice of what English version to hear. Choose between English US (Male, Female), British English – UK (Male, Female), Canadian English (Male, Female), Australian English (Male, Female) or EN India (Male, Female).

Scientists say that if to learn one new English word each day your brain acts faster and feels healthier.

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