Countdown: Count Down Birthday

Birthday,Wedding Countdown App

Here is the best countdown app ever!
Countdown timer to help you remaind the important day, count down to your next life event:
birthday, holiday, Christmas, wedding, anniversary, pregnancy and graduation.
– How many days until your next birthday?
– Quickly view your countdowns in real-time with iOS 10!
– Display all your event dates in one place;
– Share your birthday or wedding on Facebook;
– Editing countdown choose images from your albums;
– More features are waiting to be explored…

1. How to delete the past events?
Answer: Tap the “countdown timer” banner and enter into the editing page, tap the “delete” button below to delete past events.
You can also change the backgrounds and countdown timer style in the same way above.

2. Why there are so many notifications on the app’s badge?
Answer: the number of the badge indicates the days before the date you have set. For example, if the number of the badge is 10, it means there are 10 days left before the date of event you have set it before comes.
If you don’t like this notification badge, you can turn it off on the Setting Center on the top right of the screen in the app.

If you have any question, please tell us your iPhone device model and the iOS system version, send your question to our Email: , thank you for your support!

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