Dance Club Mobile

Dance Club is a dance & rhythm game with the sweetest social features. Here you can:
—-Meet players around the world and find among them the perfect one in your heart to be your partner.
—-Dance with your friends to the hottest music and lay your killer moves on the dance floor.
—-Form a group with other idol trainees and become the brightest idol star.
—-Play the newest Trail Mode to express your love with every beat.
—-Interact with adorable elves and have them to keep your company in the game.
—-Deck out your character and outshine the rest with thousands of fashion outfits and accessories.
“Let’s be together! I’m super cute!”

[The craziest love bring us together]
A full and sweet social experience fulfills all your fantasies of love. Various ways of interaction deepen your love with your couple day by day. Ride on vehicles together to show off your love like nobody’s watching. The super cute lover’s diary makes your every day full of surprise!
“I want to be your favorite hello and hardest goodbye”(*/ω\*)

[I’m lovesick because of you, and the rhythm is the cure]
Hit the dance floor with a massive list of authorized hits and varied game modes packed with the latest dance moves! The original Trail Mode enables you to show off your love with every beat and trail!
“Every trail and line is a clue that I want to make you mine. “(づ ̄3 ̄)づ

[Take an elf along, I’m not alone]
An immersive experience of interaction with an elf makes it more than just a “pet”. Feel the fun by uniting with your elf and mounting on it and play together on the dance floor. You and your elf are going to have a great and fantastic time in the game.
“Please take care of me for the rest of my life.” (*^-^*)

[Training hard and be the brightest star]
The brand new system Idol Trainee gives you an even more exciting gaming experience. Form an idol group with other trainees, practice, take jobs, and fight for the Idol Contest to be the brightest star!
“I’ll be the center of the world to return your cheers along my road.”

In-App Purchases


  • FREE 60 gems
  • FREE 120 gems
  • FREE 300 gems
  • FREE 680 gems
  • FREE 1280 gems
  • FREE 1980 gems
  • FREE Diamond Monthly Pass
  • FREE Sale Pack499
  • FREE Crystal Monthly Pass
  • FREE Sale Pack199