Police Siren Sound ~ The best emergency radio car sounds with reb/blue strobe (FREE)

Police Sounds game have nice selection of most popular police sound, such as siren, whip-whip, radio, gunshot, police car and other enjoyable sounds which you can use to prank and play with friends. 8 high quality NYPD, LAPD, FBI, SFPD music and pictures with real police radio, police sirens, gun sound and funny police tunes. Use this game is very simple just press and hold soundboard button which you like, and game will play sound of your choice. Our Police Sounds game will bring the coolest sounds collection and crazy sirens to your smart phone! Download now and enter the world of superior fancy tunes with these brand new sounds.
As in real life here police siren sound with flashing blue and red light gives very realistic effect it’s looks like you are in real police car. Game can be used as police car, fire truck, ambulance life simulator, press siren button connect them with red and blue lights and here it is real police effects. “Police Sounds” is the perfect app for Sound Effects enthusiast.
* Transform your phone into police car
* Police light mode simulates a cop light bar
* Real police siren sound
* Cool police background image
* Can became real cop of nypd, lapd, fbi, sfpd
* Others sounds CS:GO shooting, gun sounds, radio dispatch, cars
* You feel like a police patrolling the streets
* The sounds can be used as a warning signal
* Useful for parties, rave, techno, disco and cop cosplay

Have fun with popular siren sounds and share them with your friends and family! Even you can play with kids with little police car models, and have real police sound effects. You can prank persons around if you download these tones it’s free of charge!

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