Slime Time 3D!

Satisfying Slime Maker

The most realistic and satisfying slime game on mobile phones and tablets!

From the creators of the smash hit game Slime Time comes the sequel with realistic graphics and a fun, interactive play screen. And it’s still completely free!

Steps to make the slime:

– Add the glue, watch it rise!
– Press the shaving cream to make your slime fluffy, watch it sink!
– Add the foam soap, watch it squish!
– Give it a mix, ding ding!
– Add some borax as your slime activator
– Choose your color. These jiggly slimes are out of control!
– Now tap and move your slime around the screen!

There are a whole range of new fun slime colors to play with:
– Sparkle Rainbow Slime
– Toxic Green Slime
– Flame Slime
– Purple Purple Slime
– Ocean Blue Slime
– Neon Pink Slime
– Blurry Rainbow Slime
– Just Peachy Slime
– White Fire Slime
– Messy Slime

In-App Purchases