Slime Time!

Make slime game for your phone

Steps to make the slime:

– Add the glue
– Press the shaving cream to make your slime fluffy
– Don’t forget to add some foam soap to your slime!
– Give it a mix
– Add some borax as your slime activator
– Choose your color
– Now stretch the squishy slime!

You can choose from a lot of different colors and mix-ins in this slime maker game
– red slime
– blue slime
– pink glitter slime
– purple glitter slime
– pastel shiny sparkle slime
– rainbow unicorn slime
– stars slime
– rainbow stripes slime
– bubbles slime
– toxic waste slime
– purple galaxy slime
And much more!

Pressing and stretching the squishy slime will be one of the most fun slime games you will play. Plus you get to make slime without having to clean up the mess!

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