Flora – Focus, Study, Pomodoro

Goals Reminder & Habit Tracker

Just can’t put down the phones? Flora is here to help. Whenever you and friends want to stay away from smartphones, plant a seed together (or alone) using Flora. As you focus on what’s more important in the real life, the seed will gradually grow into a healthy tree. But if anyone cannot resist using the phone, the tree will be killed. This way, Flora creates a shared goal that helps you put down the phones and be productive in an effective and pleasant way.

* studying together, no matter you’re at work/school or in a classroom/library/dorm/home;
* paying attention to a class, discussion, meeting, or homework;
* enjoying time with friends, dinner with family, or any wonderful life event;
* developing healthy habits of focus, sleep etc.;
* meditation or being relaxed;
* getting freedom from social media, games, and digital life.

* A self-motivated and fun way helps you and friends beat phone overuse, procrastination, ADHD, and study blue;
* No VPN required to block content—grow trees;
* Stay focused on what’s more important and be present;
* Achieve your goals, clear your to-do list, and get things done in time (aka a goal tracker and a do to list reminder);
* Based on the pomodoro technique (aka a pomodoro timer, tomato timer, and focus keeper) and increases your self-control;
* Turn your good will into healthy trees into a lush forest;
* Sail with friends in the Grand Tour and by planting trees together;
* Unlock new trees day by day and gradually build a good habit of focus (aka a habit tracker and habit keeper);
* Share your trees or forest on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google Classroom, Class Dojo, or more to motivate people;
* Share who killed a tree (ouch);
* See your friend’s accomplishments and cheer with them.

* Flora supports OFFLINE planting so you can stay focused at anywhere you want. To use it, please go offline BEFORE pressing the Start button in the main screen.
* For those who are curious about the relationship between Flora and Forest apps: Flora and Forest developers were coming from the same lab in a university. The two apps were initially designed to complement each other—Forest on single-user scenarios and Flora on multi-user tree planting. However, after Flora launched in Aug 2017 and gained some popularity, the Forest developers cloned the multi-user planting function in Feb 2018 and started charging this feature for money. Since then, the partnership between the two apps terminates. Flora is the original app that helps you enjoy moments with your friends and family, and it’s FREE!

* Need STRONG incentive to concentrate? Challenge yourself by setting a Price. So, you plant a REAL tree when getting distracted by your phone;
* The Grand Tour—sail with friends, unlock trees around the world day by day, and build a GOOD HABIT of focus;
* Cute tracker for your goals and habit.

Wanna get the power of focus everyday? Download Flora and join our 100,000+ happy users now!

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  • FREE Amazon Rainforest
  • FREE Amazon Rainforest