YI Home

***Attention!!!This app only supports International Version YI Smart Camera. For people who use China Version YI Smart Camera, please change your iTunes Store country or region to China and then you can download the suitable app.***

The YI Home app keeps you connected to your home from your phone anytime, anywhere. 
Keep tabs on your nanny day and night, check in on your pets, or simply monitor your house with the YI Home Camera. 
The app gives you access to live footage of your home 24/7 and sends activity alerts to notify you of any unusual motion detected activity.
Experience home security at your fingertips.

App Features
• Real-time video streaming from your camera to your phone
• 2-way conversation and audio
• Activity highlights of unusual motion detected activity
• Pan, tilt, and zoom on your phone to see more details of the room
• 1080p HD video with both day and night vision
• Secure your videos with a micro SD card

In-App Purchases


  • FREE 7D STD Plan(US3M5)
  • FREE 7D STD Plan(US1Y5)
  • FREE 7D PREM Plan(US3M1)
  • FREE 15D STD Plan(US1M5)
  • FREE 30D STD Plan(US1M5)
  • FREE 15D PREM Plan(US1M1)
  • FREE 7D PREM Plan(US1Y1)
  • FREE 30D PREM Plan(US1M1)
  • FREE 15D STD Plan(US1Y5)
  • FREE 30D STD Plan(US1Y5)