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BookShout​ ​-​ ​eBook​ ​&​ ​Reading​ ​App

Get the BookShout app for iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch and carry your eBook collection
everywhere you go. With reading & goal tracking, speed reading, and BookShout Bucks,
your custom reading experience is never more than a tap away.

BookShout​ ​is​ ​the​ ​Smart​ ​Way​ ​to​ ​Read​ ​More.

What​ ​you’ll​ ​get:

BookShout​ ​Bucks*:​ ​Read more to pay less. Earn BookShout Bucks to spend on the titles
you crave simply by reading. The more words you consume, the more BookShout Bucks you
get. ​ ​*Participating publishers only

FREE​ ​eBooks:​ ​BookShout is home to over 200,000 FREE eBooks ranging from classic
literature to popular authors such as Jennifer Weiner and James Patterson. We’ll also send
you daily eBook deals straight to your inbox.

eBooks:​ ​Shop the BookShout library of over 1.5 million eBooks from top publishers for
instant access to your next must-read. Browse categories, New York Times® Best Sellers,
and personal recommendations based on your reading habits and preferences. New eBook
deals hit our eBookstore everyday!

Download​ ​&​ ​Read:​ ​Instantly download an eBook from the BookShout eBookstore and it
will automatically appear in your app. Read from the app or on the web. BookShout syncs
your eBook across your favorite devices for reading anywhere, anytime. Switch between
devices or eBooks and pick up right where you left off.

Goals​ ​&​ ​Stats:​ ​Set monthly reading goals & crush them, then brag about your victory to
anyone who will listen. BookShout tracks your words-read-per-day, average reading speed,
and where you rank among friends, followers and BookShout readers.

Custom​ ​Reading​ ​Experience:​ ​Customize font style, size, line spacing, background theme,
column text, and reading mode to tailor your reading experience. Search within your eBook,
take notes, highlight notable sections and share on your Facebook page, Twitter account, or
with the BookShout community.

Spritz​ ​Speed​ ​Reader:​ ​Devour more books in less time & pump up your words-per-minute
rate with Spritz speed reading technology. Plus, this faster you read, the quicker you earn
BookShout Bucks.

BookShout​ ​Community:​ ​Join the BookShout community of bibliophiles to share the books
you love & discover new titles for your bookshelf. Share notes, highlights, reviews, and
more directly on your Facebook & Twitter pages.

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