Scratchy App

Get more from brands you love

Scratchy is the scratchcard game app that gets you more from the brands you love. Win real gift cards for your most beloved brands, win the best deals on those shoes you’ve been looking for, and if you’re really lucky you might win goods that’ll be shipped to your home.

– How do I play this game? –
The goal is for you to scratch 3 identical symbols. Symbols need to be on 3 fields you select to scratch! After you have made your choice and scratched 3 out of 6 fields, an automatic animation will uncover locked fields to show all symbols on the scratchcard.

– How to redeem a reward that I won? –
In order to redeem your wins please go to WINS section and under tab MY WINS press redeem button on each of your wins.

– Why are the other 3 fields locked? –
You can only select 3 out of 6 fields to scratch! Lock sign will be displayed on fields you can’t scratch soon as you select your 3rd field. Locked fields can’t be scratched! We advise you to go for the center of a field, in order to avoid being locked out with fields you didn’t wont to select!

– What is the purpose of winning coins? –
Winning coins will allow you to open new levels where you can play scratchcards for better rewards.

– What are the odds of winning? –
Odds of winning depend on the number and order of eligible plays.

In-App Purchases


  • FREE 500 Scratchy Coins
  • FREE 100 Scratchy Coins
  • FREE 10000 Scratchy Coins