Smash Island

Build your dream island

Welcome to Smash Island, Master!

The old king of the sea issued a notice saying that he person who would collect the most islands would inherit his throne!
Come on! Discover islands worldwide!

Happy Island, give you a chance to conquer the sea, creative your own SEA KINGDOM!
FREE-TO-PLAY, EASY, FUN! And we are prepareing for a big SURPRISE!

◆ Recruitment Season
Hire your employee and update your game BUFF!
◆ Treasure Adventure
Spin the wheel, find more surprise!
◆ Beautiful islands
Many Island Themes are available: Japan, Old Western, Magic School, Zombie Garden.
It is full of amazing, exquisite, wonderful islands! You never quite know what’s coming next.
◆ Magic Wheel
ATTACK other islands, STEAL your enemies’ Golds, HELP your allies, win your DESTINEY.
Lots of way to get your free spins, share to your friend, fight with Octopus, shoot birds by slingshot.
Place a TIME BOMB to your enemy or your friend, get a different end!
◆ Comfortable Play
AUTO SPIN, Multi SPIN, less time more gain!

Don’t forget to claim your island bonus here everyday!

In-App Purchases


  • FREE 120 Diamonds
  • FREE firstpay package
  • FREE 330 Diamonds
  • FREE nobleman card
  • FREE 750 Diamonds
  • FREE Build package
  • FREE Puzzle package
  • FREE 1500 Diamonds
  • FREE Slingshot package
  • FREE 3900 Diamonds