U13 Flops

Share Secrets Incognito

Share secrets daily (it’s anonymous)
See how far your secrets propagate …
**Forward secrets** you receive to others …
Respond to messages and have fun chatting!
It’s all incognito, when you initiate … so don’t wait
Forward secrets anonymously …

Flop conversations to Insta for more fun 🙂

* What’s U13 Flops?
** Share secrets with a friend, incognito. If you have a secret, share it without them knowing who you are.

* What if people bully? What if they say mean things?
** If anyone says anything mean, flop it on Insta and shame them publicly. Stand up for yourself and the community will stand up for you. Every time!

* Why share Secrets?
** It’s not a sin to share a secret if no one knows who it’s from… keep it clean, have fun!

* Not all of my friends are on U13 flops …
** Invite friends from your contacts today …
** Share your link and let them send a message — they can get on and chat with you anonymously

* Why Insta ID?
** If you created your flops.me link with ur Insta ID, your friends can find you more easily!

* Why forward Secrets?
** If it’s a fun secret from a friend, forward to others who may enjoy it. Watch it spread.

* What are Flops?
** When a conversation is mean OR funny OR brilliant OR cringe worthy –> it’s also flop worthy … Share a screenshot on Insta OR Snap and roast it 🙂

* How can I share secrets with all my friends in one go?
** Start with share a secret and select up to 5 people (they may be friends, strangers, it’s all up to you)

* What’s 13?
** Do you have 13 friends with who you share secrets?
** Do you have 13 friends who share secrets with you?
** Invite friends and find out 🙂

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