Diesel Challenge Pro

Sled Pulling & Trailer Races

Finally the diesel truck sled pulling and trailer pull racing game that you have been waiting for. Featuring tons of possibilities such as intensely intricate custom truck modifications from top of the line sponsors, such as Bullseye Power, Bully Dog, EFI Live, KT Performance, P2R Power Rev Racing, and many more. What you do to your truck is effortless and the possibilities are endless. From HP & TQ modifications to visual modifications such as switching out to different American Force Wheels and adjusting your truck height & suspension. Offering it’s very own online community for gamer’s through Apple Game Center to share stats. This is the ultimate Diesel Truck Pulling Challenge!

In-App Purchases


  • FREE 6,800 Coins / Pts
  • FREE 7,200 Coins
  • FREE 16,300 Coins
  • FREE 85,000 Coins / Pts
  • FREE 34,500 Coins / Pts
  • FREE 3 Truck Deal
  • FREE Water Injection - KT Performance
  • FREE Water Injection - Strictly Diesel
  • FREE 3,100 Coins / Pts
  • FREE Water Injection - Dynamic Blue