Quiz for Fortnite VBucks Pro

Tilted Towers!

Are you a huge fan of Fortnite? Then you’re at the right place! “Quiz for Fortnite VBucks Pro” is a quiz app with weekly updated questions about the game Fortnite. You can either choose a random drop location or just take the picture quiz or the normal facts quiz with this companion for Fortnite!

You can win V-Bucks by submitting your own questions into the game and maybe get yourself a new dance emote or skin!

Share your score with your friends and find out who knows Fortnite the best! Get the best knowledge with our quiz and companion for Fortnite! Improve your stats royale now!

What does the Fortnite Quiz V-bucks app offer?

▶ 15 new questions about skins, stats & more from Fortnite Battle Royale
▶ Sharing your score on social media and friends with the Fortnite Hashtag
▶ Compete against friends, show up on the Fortnite Leaderboard and share your stats

In-App Purchases